ww1221I’ve been wondering what animals most people like. I guess usually people like cute things. Some people have suggested I try drawing insects, lizards, etc. I’ll have to work on that when I’m more focused. At work today I had two ours free so I drew this little bunny.



Lately the Etsy thing has been motivating me to draw more, but, I don`t actually know what people like or how to promote myself. So, I am just drawing what I like and what I hope people would want to buy. So far I cannot say it has been successful, but it is fun.


Foxes are one of the more fun animals to draw. Not as shaggy as a shaggy wolf, more delicate than a shaggy bear, and for some reason I like adding wings to everything.

Maybe because it gives me an excuse to keep drawing?



I made an Etsy.

I don’t know why I made one (it’s here, by the way).

To be honest, thinking about the stationery is kind of a fun aspect of it.

For example, I got thick envelopes (to prevent bending), and some little stickers to include.

Maybe it’s silly, but I thought, why not do something tiny, but extra?

Of course, I’ve only had two sales – and one was my uncle, not that I’m not appreciative (thanks, Uncle David!).


Still, I wonder how to market myself.

I’ve spent the past 27 years or so hearing people say, “Why aren’t you making money with your art?”

But is it that easy?

At least now I can say I’m trying.

Kind of.

Maybe I’ll try to make some more specific cards next, like, maybe I’ll do “Happy Anniversary” or “Happy Birthday” cards…