Somehow I managed to put together a nice birthday weekend for our first marriedĀ celebration of his birthday.Untitled

In our downtime, I finally finished what was supposed to be a simple drawing of a chess knight at a series of cafes. At first I considered having him wear a banner that potential buyers could color in themselves. In the end I settled, as usual, on wings.


I like the way it turned out in the end but, more contented than thoroughly pleased.


I also plan to enter a contest for Tokyu Hands in April, although I am not sure how many entries I’ll be able to do (up to 10 are allowed). Maybe I’ll work on it as my poor swollen face recovers from my wisdom tooth being yanked out of my face in three weeks.








DSC_7499I don’t have a lot of ideas lately.

Although I have been drawing a lot in the past month or two, I don’t know how many of the things I’ve drawn are things that were worth drawing.

Anyway, I have been working a lot of extra hours lately, or at least staying at work longer and hoping it books up. So far it has not been too bad, and when there is downtime, I draw.

Adding in all the lines helps me relax.


Honestly, I do know I should branch out more. Try new, different animals and poses. But sometimes I just want to draw a lot of lines.DSC_7500


The most difficult part of making an Etsy (and I imagine any other type of “netshop”) is the marketing, I think.


There’s also the crushing fear of making a mistake and someone hating something or being disappointed. For example, the white paper doesn’t show the same contrast as the cream, but some people preferred it when I asked them (thanks, random coworkers). So what I think looks good can never always be right. That’s impossible, I know.


And then there’s standing out. I like drawing. Sometimes I’m good at it. But how do I make sure the pictures look good? Well, I’m trying my hardest, but, I just have to keep improving. I like our kitchen because the green rug adds some nice contrast.


I also like holding it to give some size reference.


But honestly I mostly just like drawing. So I’m going to just keep drawing and work on the rest as best I can as time goes by.