The most difficult part of making an Etsy (and I imagine any other type of “netshop”) is the marketing, I think.


There’s also the crushing fear of making a mistake and someone hating something or being disappointed. For example, the white paper doesn’t show the same contrast as the cream, but some people preferred it when I asked them (thanks, random coworkers). So what I think looks good can never always be right. That’s impossible, I know.


And then there’s standing out. I like drawing. Sometimes I’m good at it. But how do I make sure the pictures look good? Well, I’m trying my hardest, but, I just have to keep improving. I like our kitchen because the green rug adds some nice contrast.


I also like holding it to give some size reference.


But honestly I mostly just like drawing. So I’m going to just keep drawing and work on the rest as best I can as time goes by.


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