Sorry for the phone camera photos. We are waiting for the train to Niigata, and I decided to draw what I saw. The donut is long gone.



The challenging intricacies of rabbit “fingers”.



Next year is Year of the Rooster. Well, my rooster looks a little bit unlike a rooster, but it was fun to draw. I actually always enjoy drawings wings and I will draw wings on anything. I even considered adding wings to a baby fur seal the other day, but I talked myself out of it. In the end, that drawing ended up being discarded because it just didn’t look quite right. Maybe I should have added the wings after all?

In other news, Spring is in full swing in Tokyo.



I wonder if drawing animals all of the time is kind of like cheating. I started a sketch of an armadillo. I actually have one I really like in an old Moleskine (although by old I mean, a year or two old). Branching out is good, right? Trying new things? And I do truly believe that.


But of course I discarded it after a minute, and finished filling in this shield illustration instead.

I printed out two versions of it on postcards. On the left is the original scan, which is a bit dark. On the right is the lighter one, adjusted so the details show and, if someone was ambitious, better for coloring in. I have no idea if anyone would want to but, I don’t really know much of anything.


So which is better?

Anyway, I do still like it. It was fun to draw the vines. I should try drawing more plants.



So I post on Instagram. A lot. Probably too often. Not just drawing stuff, but stuff from daily life. Not that my daily life is that interesting. I took some time off for my sister when she visited. It was fun. The best part was probably Disneyland, but I was lucky to have her along, patient as always, to help me choose a wedding dress.


Anyway, I also post a lot of “works in progress” type stuff, like the owls above.

Even though I was hoping Instagram would help me promote my Etsy, it’s just kind of fun to share my artwork. I know it’s not particularly unique or special, but, it’s fun.


As for this blog, I often forget to update it.

Life in Japan goes on. I have a dentist appointment in an hour and a half, though. One wisdom tooth, lower jaw, getting yanked today. I’m not too nervous…yet.

I am taking tomorrow off, and I hope the plumber will come by, since our pipes are rattling around. Not sure how he’ll get to them, behind all that tile!


Anyway, here’s the owl I finished recently. Not picture: the feet I messed up, way down at the bottom!



Lately Etsy has been slow, but I have slowed down too.

Now that I have listed about 35 items, I have slowed down to try to make some more interesting things.

I am still trying to work on new ideas for the Tokyu Hands contest – maybe something cute? But for Etsy, I will be focusing on animals still, I think.


Anyway, lately I’ve been doing more animal profiles. I know it’s not the most exciting thing, but I like to stop and just think about the fur for a while.


That’s it for now.

I’ll have a wisdom tooth removed in about two weeks – in the downtime, I’ll be drawing (and doing laundry).