Lately Etsy has been slow, but I have slowed down too.

Now that I have listed about 35 items, I have slowed down to try to make some more interesting things.

I am still trying to work on new ideas for the Tokyu Hands contest – maybe something cute? But for Etsy, I will be focusing on animals still, I think.


Anyway, lately I’ve been doing more animal profiles. I know it’s not the most exciting thing, but I like to stop and just think about the fur for a while.


That’s it for now.

I’ll have a wisdom tooth removed in about two weeks – in the downtime, I’ll be drawing (and doing laundry).


2 thoughts on “04/07/2016

  1. Hi Candace, I’m Vreni’s Brother in law, David Caudle’s half brother. I have an idea brewing that I like to discuss with you. I mostly paint watercolors and show them in local Portland Maine venues. Beginning last summer I began making a series of marionettes based on animals. The first and most complete being a bald eagle, then a large monarch butterfly, and now, close to completion a huge bat with chamois cloth wings.fully rigged the bat will hang from an eight foot pole with a mechanism to flap wings work a move-able jaw, etc. The toys should have a minimum of 5 yrs.olds to adult appeal. Essentially they’re Garden Party Toys. The bat will come paired with an proportionately size bug, grasshopper, mosquito, cicadia. One participant chases the other etc. Many ideas for subjects come to mind, hummingbird and flower, Butterfly and milkweed. Some I’m working on.
    This is where you fit into the concept. By the way, I like the owl card, have it in a small frame by my paint table. I hand painted and drew feathers on the bald eagle. You can see how I would find your treatment of fur and feathers. Another very interesting aspect of your work are the imaginary animals combinations.etc
    I designed the eagle with a paperclay body to which I attached matched w/c paper onto which I had drawn feathers. I will email photos of the works in progress if you’re interested. If we could come up with a product made entirely of paperMache and light weight Like a fishing rod and reel type of thing. Your animals would translate nicely into Yard Party Toys. Don’t know what else to call them.
    Any how, that’s what is on my mind….thanks for reading about it. Michael Caudle


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