So I post on Instagram. A lot. Probably too often. Not just drawing stuff, but stuff from daily life. Not that my daily life is that interesting. I took some time off for my sister when she visited. It was fun. The best part was probably Disneyland, but I was lucky to have her along, patient as always, to help me choose a wedding dress.


Anyway, I also post a lot of “works in progress” type stuff, like the owls above.

Even though I was hoping Instagram would help me promote my Etsy, it’s just kind of fun to share my artwork. I know it’s not particularly unique or special, but, it’s fun.


As for this blog, I often forget to update it.

Life in Japan goes on. I have a dentist appointment in an hour and a half, though. One wisdom tooth, lower jaw, getting yanked today. I’m not too nervous…yet.

I am taking tomorrow off, and I hope the plumber will come by, since our pipes are rattling around. Not sure how he’ll get to them, behind all that tile!


Anyway, here’s the owl I finished recently. Not picture: the feet I messed up, way down at the bottom!


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