I wonder if drawing animals all of the time is kind of like cheating. I started a sketch of an armadillo. I actually have one I really like in an old Moleskine (although by old I mean, a year or two old). Branching out is good, right? Trying new things? And I do truly believe that.


But of course I discarded it after a minute, and finished filling in this shield illustration instead.

I printed out two versions of it on postcards. On the left is the original scan, which is a bit dark. On the right is the lighter one, adjusted so the details show and, if someone was ambitious, better for coloring in. I have no idea if anyone would want to but, I don’t really know much of anything.


So which is better?

Anyway, I do still like it. It was fun to draw the vines. I should try drawing more plants.


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