Sometimes people ask me about my process, but, I’m not sure what my process is. Sometimes I jump right in with pen, sometimes I do a lot more detail in pencil first because I want to make sure it’s perfect (?). Overall it’s just mindless, mostly. Especially when I am binge-watching Heartland on Netflix and trying not to think about drawing too much.


Anyway, here’s a winged rabbit from yesterday. I started the pencil sketch but only had the head done on Sunday night. I finished it in entirety yesterday afternoon in about two hours. As you can see, it’s not very big.




I started out with a horse face. It didn’t seem “enough”, so I added wings. I don’t even particularly like wings. But it’s nice to have something to default to when you’re still itching to be drawing something.


So anyway, now it’s a pegasus. Maybe I’ll try a true horse next.


This season makes me homesick. Can you believe I went from seeing this outside my bedroom window, to commuting into Tokyo for work?


Sometimes I wonder if I was crazy, especially when I am home alone (like today!). That said, I wouldn’t change it and I wouldn’t give up this life for anything.


But, I’m still homesick. You know, just a little, every day or so.backyard


It’s amazing how many prints have come out just slightly off. I cannot trust the preview. The one on top, the scorpion, turned out much better than I expected.

Also, in Japan news, the rainy season is crawling closer. How do I know? The hydrangeas are starting to bloom.



In exactly three months our very belated wedding party will be finished. I can’t wait. Unfortunately, that also means that my limited time back home will be drawing to and end and I’ll be trying to fit in as much time soaking in the quiet peacefulness of nature with the chaos and tears of seeing my family for what might be the last time, until we can save up enough money and time off to fly back again.

But still, I’m looking forward to it.

A great distraction is drawing, usually.


Another animal drawing. Is that bad? I don’t know. I branch out, in my sketchbook, on occasion. I don’t branch out much on Etsy.

This time I wanted to make a “cute, fat, grumpy pig”. I don’t think I accomplished the cute part. In my mind, the image started with very little detail. Once I started crosshatching, it was hard to decide when to stop. Therefore I am not 100% pleased with this drawing however almost everyone I showed it to reacted with a lot of enthusiasm. So what do I know?



I drew this for a contest for the new year’s postcard a popular company was hosting here in Japan. Alas, none of my four entries made it to the voting round. Two of them were unimpressive. This was the one I enjoyed drawing the most. I thought it suited the image of Japan the best, but, I also understand that it doesn’t really feel very Japanese. However, I really like it. I struggled with the feathers, trying to make them sweep, and trying to make them interplay with the flames of the sun. It was a challenge.

I’m thinking of doing either the Yokohama Craft Market or Design Festa next year, if I can get a solid image of what I want to do. Just postcard prints? Stickers? Hm.


Things to think about.



So I decided to try to draw an animal I have never drawn before. A musk ox. Now, I used to love reading Julie of the Wolves and I have drawn plenty of wolves, but it’s the great furry beasts with the imposing horns that got me today.


To be honest, I had to look at a reference photo to see if they had cloven hooves. I don’t know why, I assumed they didn’t, which is silly. It’s not like I didn’t grow up around cattle. And yet… there I was, wondering…


This comes after a weekend away to the Northern part of Tochigi Prefecture. Did you know Japan has many wonderful dams with gorgeous views. Can you see the faint rainbow?





The newest addition to my Etsy shop. It’s hard to call it simple because I enjoyed adding detail to the fur, but with no background and not even any wings, it’s hard to call it anything else. I wanted to call it “elegant” but I figured that sounded a little conceited. Now that I’ve admitted it, I don’t know. Adding descriptions to my drawings is always a little challenging.


Also, tomorrow I discover if I am a finalist in a postcard contest I entered in the end of last month. Checking out last year’s finalists, I have come to the realization that my style is just not really suitable, and I should have done something digital. However, I’m glad I tried. If I don’t make it with any of my four pieces, two of them will go up on Etsy. I like them and I hope someone else likes them too.


Also, the weather was gorgeous today. Summer is definitely here.