Instead of working on bigger images to make prints out of, I’ve made a couple simple postcard size drawings to try to sell.


I’ve had the house to myself for the past few days, with the windows open. Laundry’s done, toilet’s scrubbed, and so on.

So it’s time to draw, I guess. And maybe, later, a walk, when it’s cooler, to the reservoir.

Unfortunately we live in an area of Japan that isn’t really full of nature, even after a bit of a walk. Our my idea of nature isn’t the same as my neighbors. Still, there’s a little green if you know how to look at it just right, and when the light hits it in a certain way…



5 thoughts on “5/7/2016

    1. It depends on the size and the amount of detail. Right now I have some A6 prints on Etsy. The more simple ones are $15, but I have an intricate one going up soon for $30 that took about six hours to complete. They are only postcard size, though, so not very complex.


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