The newest addition to my Etsy shop. It’s hard to call it simple because I enjoyed adding detail to the fur, but with no background and not even any wings, it’s hard to call it anything else. I wanted to call it “elegant” but I figured that sounded a little conceited. Now that I’ve admitted it, I don’t know. Adding descriptions to my drawings is always a little challenging.


Also, tomorrow I discover if I am a finalist in a postcard contest I entered in the end of last month. Checking out last year’s finalists, I have come to the realization that my style is just not really suitable, and I should have done something digital. However, I’m glad I tried. If I don’t make it with any of my four pieces, two of them will go up on Etsy. I like them and I hope someone else likes them too.


Also, the weather was gorgeous today. Summer is definitely here.


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