I drew this for a contest for the new year’s postcard a popular company was hosting here in Japan. Alas, none of my four entries made it to the voting round. Two of them were unimpressive. This was the one I enjoyed drawing the most. I thought it suited the image of Japan the best, but, I also understand that it doesn’t really feel very Japanese. However, I really like it. I struggled with the feathers, trying to make them sweep, and trying to make them interplay with the flames of the sun. It was a challenge.

I’m thinking of doing either the Yokohama Craft Market or Design Festa next year, if I can get a solid image of what I want to do. Just postcard prints? Stickers? Hm.


Things to think about.


One thought on “5/18/2016

  1. Beautiful piece! I can definitely get a sense of some subtle Japanese influences (the red sun is a bit of a giveaway). IMO, stickers are always a good idea 😉

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