I started out with a horse face. It didn’t seem “enough”, so I added wings. I don’t even particularly like wings. But it’s nice to have something to default to when you’re still itching to be drawing something.


So anyway, now it’s a pegasus. Maybe I’ll try a true horse next.


This season makes me homesick. Can you believe I went from seeing this outside my bedroom window, to commuting into Tokyo for work?


Sometimes I wonder if I was crazy, especially when I am home alone (like today!). That said, I wouldn’t change it and I wouldn’t give up this life for anything.


But, I’m still homesick. You know, just a little, every day or so.backyard


2 thoughts on “5/29/2016

  1. Are you in Japan full time? Where did you travel there from? I used to live in Japan with my family and remember the “homesick” days… we stayed for a year and eventually it felt like it was our home. I wasn’t doing art when I lived there and looking back I kind of regret it! Love your art and all the detail you put into it.

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    1. Hey! I’ll probably be in Japan forever. At least, we have no plans to move anywhere else yet. I came here from the US, with a year in Korea in between. My neighborhood feels like home but since we’ll probably move soon, I’m a bit nervous!

      And thank you for your kind words. I keep thinking I should draw more Japan-inspired art but, I guess Japan hasn’t inspired me much yet.

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