I actually really really like how this print turned out. I was able to keep the lines pretty crisp and sharp, without too many extra details. I feel like I balanced the amount of lines with the white space better than usual. It didn’t take too long to complete this one. The original is a bit smaller than your A4 size, so I used pretty thin pens. Thanks to my former professor at university, Thuan, I always keep it in my mind that sometimes big bold lines really help. It seems simple but I had never even thought about it until he pointed it out. Thanks, Thuan!


In other news, this year’s rainy season is a bit hit or miss. Whatever it is I planted a few weeks ago is growing, however. I hope they thrive.Untitled22


The print above is available here, on Etsy, if you want to see more photos of the design.




I decided that drawing specifically for Etsy was getting a little draining, so, I opened up a sketchbook Moleskine sent me because the one I bought myself had horrible binding.


Here’s the first page.

It’s always a bit intimidating to start a new sketchbook, even though I’ve done it dozens of times by now. I guess I like how this one turned out.




I normally am not great at “telling a story” through art. I draw an animal, try to make a somewhat dynamic pose out of it, and then focus on details of fur and form.

I was pleased with the shape of this one, and I think it turned out well in a “more than just a drawing of animals” way.

It’s the latest listing on Etsy, but I kind of felt weird putting it up.

In a weird way, I wanted to keep it to myself.


Also, I chipped a tooth on a carrot. A carrot!



It’s Fridays!

I’m going to the movies tomorrow, with a friend.

Sunday, we’re going to a tennis lesson.


Tonight I had a lot of free time (home alone). To be honest, should have been cleaning. Instead, I drew a wolf.



Now that I look at it, the muzzle looks a bit squished…