I initially wanted to create a complex pattern on Mousehead’s clothes but decided to keep them simple.



In other news, this year, August 11th has been declared Mountain Day in Japan, which means that every year we are here, our wedding anniversary is also a public holiday. I guess we got lucky! We also both love mountains – myself for climbing, he for winding up and down on his motorbike. Our first wedding anniversary is in exactly two weeks…



This was taken on my ZenPhone in Ubara, Chiba. We took the early local train down from Saitama for Ocean Day. I got to dip my feet in the sea. Not here, though, here we just enjoyed the view from a polite distance.





I finally got around to scanning this. It’s actually almost a year old at this point, I think. Also, our first wedding anniversary is in three weeks. The past twelve months have gone by incredibly fast…




I used to house-sit for a family friend. She had a really awesome black lab named Rafe. He was really sweet, and we would run around with his beaten up soccer ball for ages, back when I worked for the Big Y and had a lot of free time to spend playing with cool dogs and relaxing and…drawing. Actually I think I do a lot more drawing recently, although I still often feel a weird pressure, like I’m not doing enough or drawing the right things.


I am not 100% pleased with his face. Rafe’s head was a little bit more long and elegant. This one looks more like the neighbor’s old yellow lab, Apollo.


Anyway, I’ve been practicing dogs lately. It started with a sympathy card for a friend who lost their Boston Terrier, which I enjoyed drawing more than I expected. This lab postcard will go up on Etsy in a week or so.






I started this after taking a nice relaxing bath at the local hot spring. I was ridiculously hungry that night and couldn’t focus at all. I couldn’t decide between ramen or curry rice, so I got the mini versions of both. Both were great.

It’s really nice to take a short motorcycle ride clinging to the driver (I cannot drive a motorcycle), through familiar narrow streets.


That said, someone stole a brand new helmet of mine off the bike as it was parked in front of that same onsen last year. So, you know what, it’s not 100% full of perfect memories. Also, there is a bucket there that slowly fills with water and then splashes down from the roof, and it’s been on the side the men get to bathe in for the past three visits.





I used to want to design textiles.

That never happened (not that I ever pursued it) but I still sometimes think about it.

There’s a guy I used to know who was a great guy but I honestly mostly remember one of his shirts. It was great. A few dark colored birds with great lines, pierced by arrows. I don’t know why I like arrows so much.


Anyway I decided to try to branch out a bit from just drawing animals. This ram in a coat was my first attempt at anything non-dog or non-horse in a few weeks. I think I’m pretty okay with it.



I drew this a while ago.

I have been drawing a lot of horses.

Honestly, I’ve spent a lot of time drawing horses.

Somehow, it has never come naturally to me.

I liked how this one turned out, however. I’ll upload it to Etsy eventually. I’ll admit, it might be a bit weird that it has my (former) last name on it, but… I kind of like it that way.