We leave for the US tomorrow. I remember when I went to Paris, alone, with this backpack stuffed with pens, and wondered what I’d draw during my 12 hour layover in Moscow. I ended up sprawled out on the floor watching episodes of House, because I couldn’t bring myself to draw anything. I wonder if I will have time to draw on this trip… I think it’s not likely, because I’ll be too busy seeing my family and friends. This will be my first stamp in my new passport!

I’m bringing my sketchbook and my pens, though. Maybe I’ll be inspired on the plane – I think Jungle Book will be available.

I decided to draw something like I used to draw – an animal with drapery, with a lot of fur, and wings. Not unique, nothing special, nothing new, but… I liked drawing it.






So, I guess we have been busy lately. Tomorrow is our one year anniversary – unbelievable. This year, Japan declared August 11th ‘Mountain Day’, so we both have the day off. We’ll probably head down to Yokohama.


I also got my teeth cleaned today – because next week we’re heading to America! It’s good to get those things out of the way before a big trip, no?


I’ll put my Etsy on vacation until September, starting from August 16th. I decided to update with this wolf-headed little dude tonight. This was a quick drawing I did at work, but I like how it turned out, and I hope if someone buys it they might try to color in his little outfit or add a pattern of their own.




When I got this sketchbook I promised myself I wouldn’t pressure myself to draw a bunch of things that I knew would turn out perfectly, or could at least be manipulated to look “perfect” to others.

It’s really hard to loosen up sometimes, and experiment.


For some reason I’ve been thinking a lot about angels lately, and so that’s what I’ve been sketching lately. I’m not really happy with them but I find them endearing.