This Owl Prince is one of many drawings I have done that looks much, much better in person. That’s a major weakness of mine. When I look at it from the artist’s perspective (not head on) it looks alright. I scan it and all of the lack of symmetry and dimension is glaring.


That said, I still like him. I still think he is cute.





Recently, I decided to start listing some original drawings on Etsy. I guess it feels weird to keep them all stacked up in storage, and sometimes when I look at them I think I could do better, but still like it. I don’t know. I like this one, but maybe someone else will like it more.

I hope? And if not, well, it’ll inspire me to do better.

I got a new residence card today, and at first I felt guilty taking the day off just to go to immigration, but to be honest it was refreshing.


I also got a couple new sketchbooks, and the weather lately is so lovely, too, even if just a little bit warm…




We found a snail in Gunma, nibbling on hydrangeas. I don’t know why I like snails, or at least why I like drawing them. Maybe because they have unique bodies, and then the shell, which is like a bonus canvas if you’re feeling up to it.This one has four seasons, although summer is tiny and a student said, “Those look like tropical leaves…” when I explained that Autumn had the biggest role in the spiral. Also, the little center piece features a small fountain/well shape and wisteria. 藤 (fuji, wisteria) 井 (i, well). In a lot of traditional gardens, the fountain or well has the appropriate shape. Anyway, I thought it was interesting.


I guess I can always try more snails in the future.

In other daily news, today we went to Shinrinkoen and it was lovely. The sky never quite turned blue but it felt and smelled like Autumn. I skipped breakfast to ease the guilt of eating ice cream, because I usually get a mocha cone when we go there. This time, they had vanilla soft-serve, topped with kabocha whipped cream, walnuts and pumpkin seeds. I’ll probably never get it again, but it was great while it lasted (and I had it all to myself).

The weather lately has been creeping towards my ideal.. cool, breezy, with earthy smells even in Tokyo. Simultaneously comforting and triggering homesickness.




We recently had a busy weekend. I submitted my application to extend my visa (although I am not getting my hopes up for anything longer than a year, that way the disappointment wont hit me too hard [I may be fooling myself]). We also headed up to Gunma, which most people have told me is super boring. I love Gunma and nobody can convince me that it isn’t one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Japan ever.




Anyway, I also have been drawing. I recently drew a snail that I really enjoy, but I think it will look better scanned, so I’m waiting on that one. For now, there’s a lion-head rabbit with little wings.