Baby legs, baby feet, baby clothes.


I’m not as obsessed with baby clothes as I thought I would be. There are a few I really like and I’m considering making something out of them once they’re outgrown. Interestingly enough, the ones I love most are the cheapest ones, like the quilted woodland print from Uniqlo. Of course, in my head I have this ideal expanse of free time that allows me to make little stuffed toy keepsakes of outgrown baby clothes but a) we might have another baby someday so why damage them? and b) when will I ever have enough time that making little keepsakes out of outgrown baby clothes even nears the top of my priority list?


Also when I was still pregnant I used to stroll around the neighborhood enjoying the peace and quiet. Now that I have a four month old who enjoys sleeping in the carrier, I loathe every scooter, coughing old man and squeaky bicycle that comes my way. And there are many of each of those.


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