Scrunched up.




I can’t believe it’s been almost five months. I guess every parent says that, as the weeks, months, years go by. It’s a gloomy day out today and I was scrolling through Netflix for like ten minutes before I realized I could be spending the time drawing instead, so that’s what I am doing. It’s too gloomy for laundry, and I vacuumed. My dear husband did the dishes this morning. Thank you.


So I am wondering what to draw. I will not draw the baby today. I’ll draw something else. I want to draw something with detail, and maybe practice drawing clothing.


It’s hard to keep drawing as a hobby when there are so many things I should be doing, namely studying Japanese.

On Monday we went out in the carrier, the Ergo. She was perfect. She sat in my lap as we ate lunch (Tenya). She drifted off here and there and smiled. I was surprised, as she’s been fussing in it lately. Yesterday, though, she lost it a little on the way back from the supermarket. I guess it’s interesting trying to guess what she’s thinking.


Baby legs, baby feet, baby clothes.


I’m not as obsessed with baby clothes as I thought I would be. There are a few I really like and I’m considering making something out of them once they’re outgrown. Interestingly enough, the ones I love most are the cheapest ones, like the quilted woodland print from Uniqlo. Of course, in my head I have this ideal expanse of free time that allows me to make little stuffed toy keepsakes of outgrown baby clothes but a) we might have another baby someday so why damage them? and b) when will I ever have enough time that making little keepsakes out of outgrown baby clothes even nears the top of my priority list?


Also when I was still pregnant I used to stroll around the neighborhood enjoying the peace and quiet. Now that I have a four month old who enjoys sleeping in the carrier, I loathe every scooter, coughing old man and squeaky bicycle that comes my way. And there are many of each of those.


The body of a shark and the head of a lion.

I actually wore gloves on my way to the train station this morning, it was just cold enough. No more snow, thought, not yet. Maybe in January?

Etsy has been fairly busy. I’ve been trying to be more creative, but at the same time, now that I have an Etsy shop, I feel obligated to draw things that people will actually buy. Hm.

There are a few pieces I’ve been hesitant to scan and let people buy. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I feel a little too possessive. With time, eventually I let them all go… tomorrow I’ll try to take photos of the kelpie drawing I did. I thought I’d let it rot in storage but I’ll list it in the coming weeks.


We are heading to Aomori over the new year’s holiday. I am looking forward to it very much, and even picked up some new winter boots since my BearPaws from Seoul’s 2013 nightmare of a winter fell apart once they hit Tokyo pavement. What a shame!


Work has been busy lately, but I doodle when I can. When I should be studying Japanese. I cannot pretend that my priorities are misplaced when I’m set to live my life here. But when it’s getting cold and you talk all day, language seems unappealing.

I know, I know…excuses, excuses…

Lately I’ve been drawing snails and wondering what to draw on their shells and then letting my hand wander with my mind.

It feels like winter ambushed us this year.

It snowed in Tokyo, and hung around for almost a day in Saitama, too.



This Owl Prince is one of many drawings I have done that looks much, much better in person. That’s a major weakness of mine. When I look at it from the artist’s perspective (not head on) it looks alright. I scan it and all of the lack of symmetry and dimension is glaring.


That said, I still like him. I still think he is cute.




Recently, I decided to start listing some original drawings on Etsy. I guess it feels weird to keep them all stacked up in storage, and sometimes when I look at them I think I could do better, but still like it. I don’t know. I like this one, but maybe someone else will like it more.

I hope? And if not, well, it’ll inspire me to do better.

I got a new residence card today, and at first I felt guilty taking the day off just to go to immigration, but to be honest it was refreshing.


I also got a couple new sketchbooks, and the weather lately is so lovely, too, even if just a little bit warm…